Cold Cemetery

Undoing the words
Into unfragmented letters
An isolatory phonic companionship
Is all that the heart seeks

And who crowds a coffin like paper
With exacerbations
The dashes and hyphens encrypt
Whose deciphering we all fail in

We rain unpainful pretty phrases
But look at their hooliganism
How they outrage their own symmetry
Turning the patient site

Into a cold cemetery



Vers Libre

Words fantasize
An unromancing feat
To get off the hook
Of their oxymoronic milieu
Now do they scarcely rhyme
Life they bleed
Is tossing hoarsely
Insanely metamorphosing into blank verse


And why nobody asks
When they feel liberated
Meanings are like shackles
A gloomy dungeon like
In ambiguities lie the infinite
Inducing millions conjectural endeavours
And there again
A spectacle of evolving metamorphosis
Life – their baby subject
Into vers libre

Lake of Frailty

Words embroiled in doubts
Warring against reason
They fumble like freak
The ice caps of ambiguity
Melting onto a lake of frailty
Phrases prancing upon
Firming feet on the slippery lid
And scribbling that
‘I exist’
Is a hideous challenge
He confronts each passing sunrise

Thou Art Not Yet Abandoned

Wet eyes negotiated with the rain
And breathes with the storm
Fallen armies of leaves
Turned into excited spectators
Cheering up the lone soul
Shining gloom on the moon’s face
Darkened the street
Brakes screamed
Wheezing wheels stopped by
Cheering up the lone soul
An oak tree nearby
Staring with the eyes of curiosity
His whereabouts still not tracked
Moans did the animals unnamed
Cheering up the loan soul

Modesty- A Cloak

From an unnoticed crevice
A voice of resistance
Smells with relucting vehemence
For affliction has burrowed deep

Rising smokes are not the crackers
Exploding with a swooning sound
They are panting dreams
With their hopes dashing to ashes

Eyes smeared with lies
Laugh the sins umpteen
Modesty – a cloak
How facile to own you!

Who is Neutral Here

And who is not gravitated
To the lies tucked in the crimson rose
Conspiracy abounds
So thick is the air done
How can one inhale it anymore
Fall of night is waited no more
The fixed star is curtained
Darkness dances in daylight
Bed is made
Daredevilry is cheered up
Gravels being thrushed up
Into the voices of innocence
Liberation wearing the bangles of barbarism
Who is neutral here?

They Suffer An Alzheimer

I lynch my words
And leave them to breathe
A tragic air
They try to breathe life
They run with the amputated feet
What of the morphological surgeries
They bleed smokes

And for a hush up

I admit
I bribe them

Sores now smile
With their teeth thrashed
The remians of my lexical vignettes
Are nothing less than unsung heroes
How draconically are they drugged
And now they suffer of alzheimer