Chal Chale Aé Zindagi

Jinda ho Kar v Zindagi se kitna dur Hun main
Aé zindagi yeh bta k kyun majboor Hun main
Kya sirf saanson Ka chalna hi tera Hona hai
Tu ab pass nh isi baat ka tau Rona hai
Ungli pakde kya tu manzil ko le jati hai
Ya phir bas yunhi Safar karaati hai
Yeh faaslon ki mil khatm Hoti NH
Ab tau raaton ko v yeh chasm soti nh
Neend Jaise ho koi parinda ab
Halki aahat pe yun zor se ud jati hai
Aé Jamil kyun na üs tarik dibbe mein band ho jaté hain
Chal wahin ek khwab liye so jate Hain

Jinda : Alive
Majboor : Helpless
Saanson : Breathing
Manzil : Destination
Safar : Journey
Faaslon : Distance
Mil : Milestone
Chasm : Eyes
Parinda : Birds
Aahat : Apprehension/Sign
Tarik dibbe: Dark box
Band : Close/shut/pack
Khwab : Dream

A Refugee’s Barn

Stacking up all the desires within
Spilling off the phrases unspoken
Why thou seem to me a clear lake
And this thirsty self is dried all through
Drench me into thy flow

Sinking all the sobbings
Let this noise be the anchor
Getting parted with the coast
Now you seem a sea so boundless
Hide this refugee in thy bosom


Disguising the constraints into liberty
He walks through the deep woods
With broken hands of navigation
Leaving no footprint for a return
Giving in to the whims of time
Runs and runs and runs
Untill the voices from the veins
Sing the burlesque has he evolved into

A Reverie

And he gets to be his own assassin
Rupturing and reaping into many realms
An unairy entity of many calendars
Now under the urge of being unchristened
Victim acting to be an accomplice in devilry
Escorting his own funeral to the ground
Hastily cremates all the passions
On the tombstone for an epitaph
Rummaging the thesaurus
In quest of words
Scribbling a befitting phrase is still a reverie

A Bard

Listening to the noise of silence
A bard darted his subtle fingers
Drawing figments from the cracked canvas
Of disrupted dilapidated cognitive anatomy
Amputated moorings overtook the terrain
Doing the unprecedented acrobatics
Amid the double margins
Bowels of patience being torn and thrashed
‘This dying existence be stopped’
Introspected the bard
A decision stands to be taken
A choice to be made
Between medicine of modernity
And the music of eternity
Not confused was bard like the Frost’s traveller
With ease did he choose the music
Now he sights the horizon
Barefoot walking down along the echoing streams
Piping his songs

A New Normalcy

Waking to the birth of darkness
Melancholic drums beating their chests
Eyes of sleep swollen bloody red
Predators now outnumber the preys
Pillow cotton blowing in the air
Screams unwanted assaults
Caused deprivation is new normalcy
Crucifixed into the peg of curfew
Life hangs sans life
Pouring acid on the petals
They expect them grow into fragrant roses
All the cracks plastered
And how can light saunter into



This not so pleasant to see pyramid
Sings the unsung tales
Of mummies made of his wishes
Crumpled and crushed and killed and walled

Be aware O, man!
Pharaoh of impassioned seekings
May not revive and reign over
Be not a Faustus sold to Mephistophelus

“Unrich, unfamous, unacclaimed”
How it unsettles you O, man?
Do you not breath peace
In smiling of leaves in Spring

The parched land shall have the morning shower of rain
And who said the seeds of life will not shine

Blank Verse

In a constant quest of a hideout
To dump this existence into
And wipe the word ‘life’
And a silence to steal
And the violence to repeal
A tip dawned upon
A refuge was shown

Hide behind it!

Words from floor to the ceiling
The walls smeared all over
With a tinge of pale red
A blank verse I wrote not yet
Is a home in the making

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