A Chequered Mask

With chequered mask On the life’s countenance And heads held down The eyes walks along Tearing sturdily through The life’s crowded fair Resisting unflinchingly The time’s temptations An adevnt of dervish An austerity in the air Obscurity’s vault busted A gleaming ray thikening And hope swelling Patience’s chest widening Peace blushing on his forhead ©jeyforyou … More A Chequered Mask

Dawn of A New Lease

The deep winter of my summer Bubbling with the freezing fireballs And this aggravating mixity Leaves the perturbed self in cowed fixity This smoggy landscapes obscures All tiptoeing glossy hopes My not so old imagination undertakes A serpentine pilgrimage to my mausoleum To peel off the antiquated embroidered veil And let the fresh seeds generate … More Dawn of A New Lease

Corpse in Trance

Words are high on weed Stumbling one after other In a successive trance Turning into silent corpses And do corpses lie? Since truth is their only attire To be not intoxicated connives a peril O life! Serve me a drink on the rocks I want to drink strangeness to the lees And rise higher into … More Corpse in Trance

Rights Weep Blood

Screaming brakes on uncertain halt Traffic blindfolded parked in backyard garage Hungry eyes in red and white In utter suffering of vague obscurantism Humanity’s cunningness in full swing The devil’s democracy serenades ” All is fine like Chaucer’s world”. Sons have not heard a syllable Back from their ancient parents Innocents caught and lashed up … More Rights Weep Blood

Mistaken Innocence

What if I paint all the colours With my colourless hues And lead a mystery enveloping me Conferring a cloak of obscurity That ziggy procession of words Often invade my solitude And the chaos caused Now campaigning brutality in my brain Why the city streets are so deserted I did not invite them to my … More Mistaken Innocence


On the life’s highways Snow is picking up again The hushed feet refusing to cooperate And words cemented in the throat All the colours washed Against the sea of white Hope into fragments Lay scattered on the white bed Fear brewing up down the trails And gloom looming large But then her smile flashed right … More Highway