Rights Weep Blood

Screaming brakes on uncertain halt
Traffic blindfolded parked in backyard garage
Hungry eyes in red and white
In utter suffering of vague obscurantism
Humanity’s cunningness in full swing
The devil’s democracy serenades
” All is fine like Chaucer’s world”.
Sons have not heard a syllable
Back from their ancient parents
Innocents caught and lashed up
Pellets incessantly lodged into tender flesh
Number loses the count

And rights razed down
Truths being wiped sweepingly
By high voltage vaccum cleaners
Lies of normalcy yelled on high-pitched strains
Cold-blooded silence
And the tight-lipped faces
How gay art thou- O humanity
At the altars of innocuous hopes!

Published by jeyforyou

A pilgrim soul but a humanist. I peddle stories and baragin on life and its deal.

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