We Gotta Give It One More Try


Yonder began to show up little light
No, no! Don’t mistake it
It was not sunny bright
Just light. Wailing pale
Dawn still being awaited
Arteries of life had not yet spread their wings
Flight still in the coins pocket of withered wallet
Lost in the chasm of last winks
The wandering clouds started stationing
Their hands up, lips tied, eyes clogged, feet frozen
Into the lake of time
Strewn with human tales
Floating and bypassing the boats hosting lifeless lives
A white chalky heart drawn on the red brick wall
Unplastered, still pounds and shines
And dice of life hops and rolls
On the serpent’s block
Reducing to the scratch
Shouldn’t you begin again
The same destination
Not letting yourself be intimated
By the topsy turvy seprentine trajectory

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