Holy Mother


For years on pilgrimage
Not friendly to fate
A woman against the hate
Of being issueless
Fought th demons without
And after sixteen cruel summers
Mothered a child
Safeguarding against the waves of time
It was the first spring
In the desert of her life
But the wintry eyes tinged with jealousy
Ceased not to cast evil eyes
Wrapping up with a shield of prayers
Left him in the abysmal dungeon
To fight the foxes and earn his own life
So did he taking no care of the consequences
Swelled up with her affection
And prayers round the clock
Won the wars waged
Finding victory in failure
Solace in suffocation
Not spoon-feeding but self-actualisation
Coupled with reality and imagination
The first temple of learning
His only place of pilgrimage
Holy mother’s threshold
O people! Lend me your ears
Listen up! Listen up!
Burn, burn, burn, burn yourself
The time has come to make her smile bright
Lit up her face
With the light of pride


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