An Exile


An unbusy not life like life
Of some mid twenty
Knee deep eyes, quite brown
A semblance of dusky entourage
Reflecting against the mirror
But Alas! Alas!
Words depleting too fast to broach
The noise of traffic
Pulling the attention towards to and fro
Of life’s daily rush and run
A quick flip of second
A youturn back to the chamber
The same mirror
Two people standing against
And the same trite subject
He raised his right eyebrow
So did the one in the mirror
Which actually implied
“What’s up?
A featof laughter ensued
By and by turning into derision
Soon in the hideous avatar
Of a gagged screaming
Filling the place with fright
Ding dong! The bell clanged
“Excuse me”, said he and rushed
The alter ego stationed in the mirror
Waited and waited
Untill becoming an inconceivable exile

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