Street to Balconies

Life held his finger of his eyes
And escorted
To an alley
Where savage herd
In a reckless drive
Revelling their own idioticity

And in the nearby pond
The ripples had not yet settled
Pelting of stones across
The fishes in the cowed vulnerability
Had lost their sleep of the night

At the rooftop
Of that yellow white skyscraper
Beyonce and Enrique being played
Scent of barbeque
Filling the air
Down on the street
Near the fast food kiosk
A woman filling her rag with the leftovers

An all men gang in Toyota
Hooting a girl
walking off her office gate
Fear swells

Seeing her alone
That boy smoking near the church gate
Stalking sets in
Fear swings and swells large
A perennial hell of palpitating chest

In the half lit balcony
A young girl of sixteen Fall
At being denied a mountaineering trip
An orthodox mother
“It’s not meant for the girls
What would the neighbours and relatives say”

Thank God!
Had Santosh Yadav given in
To the hands of orthodoxy
Wouldn’t Mt.Everest still be sobbing
Deprived of the imprint of her feet twice?

A college going girl being shouted at
“Why the hell did you fill up the N.C.C form?
Look at Mr.Gupta’s daughter
She is going to be a doctor
And you. O hell!
Is the idea of Border security force sneaking in?

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