Often do I hear
Childhood days are the golden period
Let me guess. Hmm!
Yes, I got it.
It’s carefree
It’s reckless
When one wishes for moon
And gets it someway
So they all want to rewind time
To relive the days passé
Somebody to relive the school days
And others to relish their granny tales
They miss the sweat
They saved their pocket money with
To play Mario or buy a bicycle.
Pocket money weighed more than salaries earned today.
They say they miss the seesawing in the children’s park.
So they need a time machine to go back.
I miss my childhood days too
Not to relive the carefree days
But to witness my young iron-willed father again
My super hero of all time
He is frail yet fine
I want to ride on the wheels of time
And spring back not to hang out with friends
At the same nook of busy Kolkata streets.
But see the confident man
He who led me dream,
Bigger than I had been
His gait had a wow factor
I want to witness that scene
So I need a time machine.

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