Floral Orgies

Lump of flesh
Stains of blood
With no identity left
Mincing of bodies
Who can gather
And who will count?
The blood oozing brow of that newly married bride
At the heap of coagulated morsel of blood
Oh! Those iron-willed mothers
And flowing tributaries of water stained With red down through their eyes
Eyes with no motion left
And heart ceased to slide

A beloved nephew was promised
Gift on his following birthday
Excited was he
The young soul ran
To the sight of traffic of vehicles
A sullen wooden box with all due animation
Housing coffin draped with Tri-colour

An old wreaked father
Beyond any consolation was not ready
He was not ready to believe in the news
He was not ready to see

The dastardly deformed corpse of his young son
He was not ready accept the distorted anatomy
He gave a young brave son to the nation’s army
“Not an inch less in height
Length of the shoulder was perfect
Chest was noted in equal measure
And ever smiling determined face
What are you are returning me?
I don’t who is this?
And where is the face?
And the right hand?
Oh come on! Say you are kidding.
Say, it’s a prank.
Don’t fool me before April falls.”
The inconsolable father cried.

And that very young child
Began to cry seeing his mother crying
Does he even know the cause of tears?
When his reason will grow
And make him ask about his father
Will he be prepared to swallow the truth?

Negligence, negligence, negligence

Reducing living breaths into dust

And dancing deaths

Martyrdom, thou art so painful yet full of pride

The thick year filled with pity and pain
Tears each one apart
Deadly gloom cupping the eyes
And blinding the world
War begetting war
Vengeance begetting vengeance
Reason left grazing in the barren desert
I wonder O God!
If peace will ever prevail.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. jeyforyou says:

    Thank you dear. Shaheed hamare Amar rahen. Jai Hind.


  2. honeynafs says:

    Very well u have described in rhymes. Every human hearts sink even when we imagine such horrendous scene. But the barbaric n cruel ppl never understands the pain of a father, mother and the entire family. It really tears me apart. Very well u described honey for a second I felt that I’m reading Lord Byron or Wilfred Owen.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nitish Kumar says:

    A nephew ran hoping for some gifts but the whole scenario was different…a wooden bok with tri colour draped on it full of aminations 😭😭😭. wonderful words ❤️❤️enough to warm-up a young blood like us😡😡


  4. Nitish Kumar says:

    Father hoping it was just a prank or someone kidding ..😥😥😥 families getting only some parts not even head …this is reality 😥😥.A man is being rejected when they fell same default in his body parts ,how families can accept little parts😭😭😭…

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Nitish Kumar says:

    What a deep feelings 😥😥😥. #Indian army #Jai hind 🇮🇳

    Liked by 1 person

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