A Sublime Embodiment


O mother! Sweet mother!
After the man, my darling father
With heart of gold departed
Art thou not there to flood me
With due love, care and blessings?

Amid all the lustre and comfort
That you render/ed,
One star was missed badly, so very desperately
And that was my darling dad.

Yeah! I appreciate your effort
You never made me feel short of anything
I dreamt the stars
And you, O! sweet mom
You put them beneath my feet
Who does it, O God?
Only a woman like my mom.

Both within and without
you conquer/ed with head held high
O, thy resilience!
Let me salute it and wish
At the same time
That Almighty may give every woman
The perseverance, the will to fight
And smile to the adversities
O mother! Your are so brave.

In every supplication
That you do/did to the Almighty
You prayed for none but us
The countless fasting
That you observe/d
None but for us
Who does it,O God?
Yeah! Mother, my sweet mother.

Like a saint of remote world
You read our eyes and detect the pains
Shower the love, balm it , resolve it
I wonder if human mathematics has
That numeric figure calculating
Your sacrifices, the assassination of Your wish, need and what not
Where do you get this much patience from?
I wonder O, Mom. My sweet Mom!
Only an unseen sublime agency
You derive your grit and gut from
I bow to the invincibility of your will

Of course, heaven is beneath thy feet
But O,Mother! Thou art my Heaven.

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