Mum: Thou art Ubiquitous


A sunny Sunday morning
Right after my breakfast
I chose to sit in the open lawn
Against the cold some warmth to don
And then all of a sudden
I plunged into the pool of retrospection
How when I was a young
My mom gave me a mustard oil bath
With full body massage in the sunlight
The winter chill shivered Infront of motherly warmth
But time in its winged chariot
Noiselessly passed on and on
Poets say,time ravages evrything
So do the historians and anthropologists
But O Mother! You love defied time
Still your love and warmth are more constant than Sun
After many winters and summers
That caused so much of physical,mental and emotional changes
In me but thought art still the same
Your love and affection is ageless
Thou art beyond time and space.
I feel thy warmth everywhere.
Now do I sense
The ubiquity of thy compassion.

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