And When I Fell Asleep


Last night they fluttered
And yelled into my ears
“How long will you be in sleep?
Wake up and give your life a steer”.
Pregnant with fright rose up my eyes
And began to telescope
The source of the cries
After countless circular trips around
Eyeballs registered their discovery
Beside my subdued pillow
Lay the book bellowing
The wisp of resentment
For being left bare in the winter night while I in the velvety comfort
And then I realised
Whatever you give your brutally honest time to
It becomes truly yours
And of all the relations the most sacred
Is between I and my books
They never act likes of truant school goers
I once become theirs
They become mine forever
Every relation requires time and a true ‘you’
So do the inscribed pages.

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