Inspiration Unbound

Last evening I had my train from Bokaro Steel City Junction. The train which I boarded at Koderma dropped me on time. In the compartment I befriended a man who was also supposed to get down at Boakro. We left the compartment and asked him about the platform wherein my train for Kolkata would arrive. He helped me with the information I needed but he very humanely suggested me to step out the station and have have tea. Outside the station I browsed various shops. I was also hunting a good hotel to have my diner packed for the night. At a stall which sold litti chokha, I saw a boy in his mid twenty with just one hand. His right hand my eyes failed to find. That man was working with his left hand. Taking the order, preparing and parceling were done alone. I was utterly struck. I went to him with my beaming face and ordered a double egg bread ommlette. I said,”Bhaiya thoda jaldi Karna , MERI train hai Avi”. And in a short while I had my parcel. I cannot imagine how my/our life would have been if we were to work with just one hand. But I saw hope and determination in his eyes. Is he not a hero?

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